The Bad Tones (LV)

Psychedelic rock

The Bad Tones představují psychedelický rockový kvartet inspirovaný přírodou a blues za doprovodu kytar a zvlněného vokálu.

Dříve byli známí jako “The Pink Elephant”. Pod tímto jménem mají za sebou dvě alba „Mellowing“ a „Cassette Concert“, stejně jako EP „Bad Tunes“ již pod novým názvem The Bad Tones.

V roce 2017 získali stříbrný diplom za videoklip k "Hot Headed Woman".




Nature and blues driven psychedelic rock quartet characterised by dreamy guitars and wavy vocals.

The Bad Tones social presence accentuates the problems of art consumerism in the modern age and concentrates on getting the audience involved in the music listening process as it was done in the early days of sound recordings. The value of these experiences is the essence of the bands motivation and inspiration both musically and lyrically.

Previously known as The Pink Elephant they've released 2 albums - “Mellowing” and “Cassette Concert”; As well as an EP “Bad Tunes” under the new name The Bad Tones.


Silver Diploma in Adwards 2017 for "Hot Headed Woman" video.

Nomination for album of the year in Austras balva 2015.
Nomination for best debut in Latvian Music Awards.
Nomination for best music video in Latvian Music Awards.

Edvards Broders - guitar, keys, vocals
Rūdolfs Ozols - guitar, keys, vocals
Alberts Levics - bass, vocals
Kalvis Sležis - drums, vocals