Botticelli Baby

When Jazz flirts with Punk music.

Nebo soul, jazz, pop, rockabilly, ska? Kdo ví ... :)

"If classic big-band jazz were a 1956 neat and well-maintained Aston Martin DB5, then Botticelli Baby is an evil 1970s US muscle car: a pitch-black Dodge Charger with its roaring V8 engine, grotesquely large displacement and 285 tyres. A car that will heartily steamroller anything that comes its way.”



Marlon Bösherz - basa, zpěv
Alexander Niermann - trumpeta
Jörg Buttler - kytara
Lucius Nawothnig - piáno
Tom Hellenthal - bicí
Christian Scheer - saxofon
Max Wehner - trombón