Niko Leopold Quartet (A)

Spojení moderního jazzu a vážné hudby v podání vídeňských konzervatoristů


During their first Tour in 2011, which took them through several European countries, it soon became clear that four people sharing the same musical direction have joined forces, each of them carrying a unique personality of their own. This fortunate constellation initiated musical goals, which seemed ideal for further mutual cooperation. Since then they have been actively performing and playing stages around Austria as well as throughout Europe.

The main focus of the young Austrian musicians is the development of a wide-ranging repertoire, based on traditional Jazz while at the same time not disregarding the innovative aspect.

Leopold’s compositions and arrangements are influenced by modern jazz and pop as well as by classical music. The central idea, combining the through-composed structure(of classical music) with the improvisational nature of jazz, allows him to develop his own style, one which is lyrical, spontaneous and yet expressive.

Koncert v rámci projektu "Talent factory", který se koná za podpory statutárního města Brna.

Chris Kronreif - saxofony, bassklarinet
Niko Leopold - piano, 5-string elektric cello
Judith Ferstl - basa
Jakob Sigl - bicí