Foma (PL) & The Glitchhh (BY)

drone vs instrumental


The Glitchhh je instrumentální kapela z Minska. Mixují shoegaze s blues, post – rockem a metalem.


Foma je taktéž instrumentální kapela, která k nám přijede z Varšavy. Pohybuje se mezi styly post a drone.




Foma is a special breathing technique developed at the beginning of the 1950s at the Sleep Laboratory of the Tokyo Institute of Lung Diseases and Circulatory System. The technique was used to treat sleep disorders, including insomnia, which Japanese veterans suffered after World War II. Soon it turned out that its use can lead to cardiac arrest and irreversible changes in the patient's nervous system (drone, Warsaw, PL).

Glitch is usually the result of faulty but also poorly translated data when transferring from one environment to another. The form of the fault becomes the starting point for the composition. Glitch realizations are not always characterized by meanings, they can be an end in themselves. Therefore, the recipient's experience resulting from the contact with this type of project can only remain impressive (instrumental, Minsk, BY).